Byggeriets Pressebureau is a part of Grønbech

For many years, we have specialized in storytelling, online communication and social media, as well as journalistic press contact for the construction industry. Since 2021, Byggeriets Pressebureau has been a part of Grønbech.

Byggeriets Pressebureau traces its roots back to 2012 as a niche-oriented journalistic company focused on communication for the construction industry. In 2021, Grønbech acquired Byggeriets Pressebureau in order to continue this field of specialized communication.

Today, we are dedicated to tell compelling stories for construction companies and various skilled specialist firms. Our mission is to enhance the visibility and success of all our customers by narrating engaging stories about their products, services, results, people, and causes.

We achieve this by providing high-quality PR, communication, and marketing at reasonable prices. We work with all the relevant communication channels and provide media coverage, compelling web stories, social media, newsletters, YouTube videos, marketing materials, events, and campaigns.

We ensure that PR, communication, and marketing resources are used in a manner that maximizes benefits for our customers’ businesses. We recruit and develop skilled, hardworking, and ambitious employees.

Grønbech aspires to be the indispensable and trusted sparring partner in marketing for construction companies, with a focus on PR and storytelling on social media and online platforms.

Our services encompass both long-term agreements and case-by-case tasks, recognizing that even the ‘small story’ can convey the big vision. We have a keen sense for framing and telling stories that leave a precise imprint of the company’s DNA on the world.

Benefiting from a robust network, we cover a wide range of companies and organizations in the construction supply chain, along with all relevant housing and construction media. Additionally, we maintain ongoing collaborations with leading specialists and consultants in areas such as graphic communication, magazines, websites, and social media.m

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