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July 2023 – Summer greetings and a bit about storytelling

May 2023 – Storytelling strengthens relations 


December 2022 – Christmas greetings and something about communication that benefits the business

June 2022 – Summer greetings and a bit about our new office in Horsens

April 2022 – A bit about storytelling


December 2021 – Christmas greetings and a bit about communication that benefits the business

February 2021 – Storytelling 


December 2020 – New Year’s greetings

August/september 2020 – PR makes super-entrepreneur visible

Juli 2020 – summer greeting

April 2020 – Digital Marketing Support after Covid-19

March 2020 – Covid-19 and communication, storytelling, local PR and succesful campaign on social media


December 2019 – Branding associations og 30th anniversary in the communication industry

Oktober 2019 – PR attracks new shareholders and storytelling at social media

Juni 2019 – Video as marketing og strategy workshop

April 2019 – PR and storytelling


December 2018 – Employer advocacy, PR and advertising (DK only)

October 2018 – PR and online marketing (DK only)

September 2018 – Recruitment and tips for differentiating your workplace (DK only)

June 2018 – Analyzes, good stories and new faces (DK only)

March 2018 – Workshops in 2018 (DK only)

February 2018 – News and workshop in 2018 (DK only)


December 2017 – Trends and predictions about communication in 2018 (DK only)

October 2017 – Thank you for celebrating us – Grønbech Academy (DK only)

September 2017 – Invitation to 10th birthday (DK only) 

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