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Do not forget newsletters:

Do not miss out on newsletters in your eager to make the company visible on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Newsletters directed to your employers, clients, collaboration partners, and other stakeholders keep everyone reminded of the good stories about your products, services, results, people, and the difference you make.

It helps maintain the good relationships.

Newsletters reminds the outside world, that your company exists. Moreover, they communicate news about your focal points, employers, products, services, and results to those clients, colleagues, and collaboration partners, whom you do not communicate with every day.

Newsletters generates larger amounts of visitors to your website and/or intranet. In the long run you will receive more loyal employers, clients and close collaboration relations.

Use newsletters as reminders

Grønbech produces newsletters on the behalf of a larger number of different companies and organisations. The stories concern everything from big constructions to current political agendas and development of new welfare technology. E.g. FSTA, ODIN Engineering, IPSCenter Danmark, Eurostar, Varig Teknik & Miljø, Dragør Erhverv og Sparringspartnerne.

”We communicate new content about our clients’ core issues, products, and results and tells about the difference they make for their clients, colleagues, and collaboration partners. It creates bigger interest for companies and customer care instead of direct sale,” claims the director of Grønbech, Susanne Lindø, and continues:

“Clients tend not the buy the same. Thus, the idea is to inspire and care for the clients by producing relevant and interesting stories in newsletters instead of pushing sales. By caring for the clients and create relevant content, in which the clients can relate, you increase the possibilities for long-term sale.”

Targeted content gives relevant newsletters

If you direct your content to the right receivers, the majority tend to open newsletters. E.g. FSTA experienced that based on engaging and targeted content in newsletters, primarily technical staff of the hospital tended to open the newsletters.

In average more than 40 percent tended to open the newsletters from Grønbech’s clients the past year, which is twice the percentage of the related industry average, which is below 20 percent.

Good newsletters create relevant traffic on websites

Furthermore, newsletters are efficient to generate more visitors to your website and/or intranet. In the long run you will receive more loyal employers, clients and close collaboration relations.

The newsletters from Sparringspartnerne concern the difference that members of the association make by advising entrepreneur and growth companies. Moreover, the newsletters promote Sparringspartnerne’s workshops for SME’s. Monthly newsletters succeeded to generate more traffic to the website, more participants to workshops hosted by the association and more new companies to advice.

Relevant content in newsletters generates higher amount of clicks

In average, our clients’ newsletters have the past year achieved a click through rate at 6,7 percent, which is remarkably higher than the related industry at less than 4 percent.

A newsletter is efficient lead-generation if you produce engaging content directed to the clients, a good headline, relevant information and clear links pointing to your website.

Get inspiration from Grønbech’s newsletter.

Grønbech sends out 4-8 newsletters a year, sharing our knowledge, experience, and results of good communication.

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