PR and communication strengthens organization

Grønbech provides external and internal communication for Høyrup & Clemmensen, a Danish company specializing in electrical engineering.

Besides bringing the company into focus externally by means of PR for example, the collaboration with Grønbech also effects the organization in a positive way. At Høyrup & Clemmensen, they have become better to catch sight of all that they do well.

“We have become good at spotting the memorable stories within the organization and to pay more attention to whatever have been going on in-house in the course of the last two months. In this way collaborating with Grønbech have become an initiator of new initiatives. At the same time, it helps us to remember to celebrate whatever successes we have had,” says the company’s CEO, Tom Lindquist.

Increased sense of belonging

Among other things the increased focus on what goes on within the organization have strengthened the employees’ sense of belonging to the company:

“The employees are happy to see Høyrup & Clemmensen mentioned in the press, and the fact that they can read about our successes in the newsletters. That is probably the most important effect of us collaborating with Grønbech,” the CEO says.