The good stories provide many customers

Grønbech assists Nemt Fundament with PR and communication and each month we help ensuring effective communication on their homepage, social media and through PR. We tell the good stories about Nemt Fundament’s work for the customers, about new collaborations and special projects.

“The cooperation with Grønbech runs very smoothly. We are pleased that we can spread the knowledge of the screw foundation and its many advantages, “says Rune Roepstorff Nissen, holder of Nemt Fundament.

We help Nemt Fundament with putting the stories into words about their specialization of using the screw foundation.

In addition to telling the good stories, we also help fine-tuning Nemt Fundament’s website. We ensure that the content is professional, SEO-optimized and adapted to the customers need for information.

Increased visibility gives traffic to the website
We help Nemt Fundament with telling the good stories on several online platforms. We help telling the same little stories on their website, social media – including Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube – and Supply Media, which helps increasing the visibility.

The past year’s work with PR and communication for Nemt Fundament has, among other things, given more visitors to the website. The visitor rate has increased by more than 10,000 visitors compared to the previous year. In addition Nemt Fundament has received more than 400 inquiries through the website’s contact form in 2017.

“We generally feel the pressure increasing on the business. We receive a lot of inquiries, and we are thrilled that it provides more tasks for us to do, “says Rune Roepstorff Nissen.