Lower price per lead

Grønbech assists DRYTECH with their marketing campaigns regarding dry basements in houses built prior to 1960. Before Grønbech was contacted, Drytech’s marketing was based primarily on local advertising and Google AdWords. Grønbech was given the task of improving Drytech’s visibility while lowering the cost involved with acquiring new leads and customers.

We chose to use social media and Drytech’s own website to a much greater extent. Social communication allows Drytech’s current clients to tell about their experiences with Drytech and benefits from a dry and healthier basement. At the same time Drytech reaches out to new and relevant potential clients. On social media Drytech showcase their willingness to share knowledge and tips, without necessarily getting return on investment instantly.

Grønbech’s strategy and execution has lowered the price per lead by 75 percent. Drytech’s Facebook-site is now an active forum, where the company can answer questions from both existing and future clients. Regular updates on Drytech.dk, Facebook and special media have an extensive reach and generates more leads for Drytech than ever before.