Newsletters and LinkedIn posts make FMG more visible

The insurance brokerage group Danmark (colloquially known as FMG) has worked with Grønbech for a year in order to become more relevant to insurance brokers and their clients. This happens through newsletters, LinkedIn posts and news on the website.

“At FMG, we’re all insurance brokers, and we know everything that’s worth knowing about all kinds of corporate insurance policies,” said Jeppe Holm, senior partner, insurance broker and sales director at FMG. He adds:

“We follow developments in the legislation, insurance market and insurance companies — and the challenges they present to companies with business insurance policies. But it’s not enough just to have this knowledge: it also has to be communicated in a relevant and interesting way that makes customers sit up and say, hey, we need to have a look at this.”

News stories leads to more visibility, dialogue and customers

The collaboration with Grønbech means that FMG and the over 20 independent brokers who are affiliated with them are regularly sent online news updates, newsletters and LinkedIn posts that they can share with their clients and networks. The posts and news items call attention to new regulatory requirements, new insurance terms and conditions, and options and dilemmas that the companies may benefit from knowing about:

“We find that the news stories that Grønbech produces for us sometimes makes companies take notice and realise that they need to do something about their insurance coverage. This leads to dialogue, meetings and new agreements with both existing and new customers. And that’s great for us,” says Jeppe Holm.

News attracts more brokers to the professional community

FMG is an ever-evolving, partner-owned company. The opportunity to attract more skilled insurance brokers and business insurers is important for FMG’s continued growth and development. Therefore, it is important for FMG that the newsletters and posts deal with current and relevant insurance topics:

“In addition to making us relevant to companies that use or are considering using our insurance brokers, we’re also constantly looking for talented colleagues – brokers and underwriters who can thrive in an independent job, want to be part of a professional community, and want to join our growth journey. The news posts show who we are and what we do, and support our recruitment,” said Jeppe Holm.

Easy to collaborate with Grønbech

“When we need to post new stories, we give Grønbech some cues by email or phone. Then their skilled communicators do their own research and come up with some suggestions for texts and images that we can use,” says Jeppe Holm.

He also values the fact that the time spent on the collaboration is very manageable, and that Grønbech ensures momentum and efficiency:

“We need continuous communication in the form of the newsletters and posts we develop with Grønbech. They’re important for our marketing, customer service and recruitment. But even though the news is important, I don’t always have time to give it top priority. I have to take care of my customers and FMG’s sales first and foremost. Grønbech are good at giving me polite reminders and making sure the posts and newsletters are finished and sent out.”

New senior consultant

At Grønbech, we deliver business-oriented, strategic storytelling to specialist companies. In other words: We tell good stories about the companies’

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