Tomas Zeltner: Storytelling

Storytelling strengthens relationships

“Grønbech has helped us become visible on social media. We get more enquiries from potential business partners who might not have known us before, but who can see what we’re good at,” says Tomas Zeltner, who is the fourth generation in the carpentry and joinery company Mogens V. Zeltner A/S.

Mogens V. Zeltner A/S – or MVZ – was founded as far back as 1898 and since then has taken pride in creating products of the highest quality with deep respect for the old traditions of the trade. They have made restoration and refurbishment their specialty, and their projects over the past year include restoring the iconic old rollercoaster in Tivoli and the window frames in the historic Frederiksborg Castle.

These are the kinds of projects that we at Grønbech have focused on highlighting since we began our partnership with MVZ. We do this through storytelling on the web and social media, where we talk about the customers’ good experiences and the company’s employees, projects and methods.

Visibility on social media leads to more exciting projects

Tomas Zeltner is happy with the decision to enlist Grønbech’s help with spreading awareness of the company’s expertise. The collaboration has given MVZ more insight into the potential of social media, and Tomas highlights how the company’s increased presence on the various platforms creates more exposure and strengthens the relationship with customers, potential business partners and employees:

“It’s easy to sit back and think that everything’s fine and there’s no need to draw more attention to yourself. But I’ve learned that if we want to do even more of what we’re good at and find exciting, then it’s a good idea to be visible on social media,” says Tomas Zeltner, and adds:
“I’ve noticed that the increased visibility has made it easier to attract new employees. It’s also nice for our current employees to get some exposure and see themselves represented. It definitely gives them a certain pride.”

Long-term relationships are worth the investment

For Tomas Zeltner, one of the best things about the collaboration is that the communication with Grønbech is professional and pleasant:

“I think the collaboration with Grønbech works well. It’s uncomplicated and unsnobbish. You ask questions and you get answers, and it all happens relatively quickly. The communication is smooth,” he says.

Tomas Zeltner took over the day-to-day management from his father back in 1996, and has since focused on investing in long-term relationships:

“It’s always been my goal to build up long-term relationships with our business partners, and Grønbech is no exception. We aren’t the types to stop working with a good business partner because someone else gives us a good sales pitch or because we can save 500 kroner.”

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