Moisture control guide provides dry figures

DRYTECH is new on the Danish market, and the company needs awareness and recognition in order to grow business.

Grønbech has developed and produced the DRYTECH moisture control guide now offered free of charge to private house owners who have problems with moisture in the basement.

This is one of the key elements in DRYTECH’s new storytelling and marketing is this guide offered as an E-book or in printed copies. The first edition of 1000 books were quickly used, and now DRYTECH has issued the third edition with a total of 8000 printed books. In addition, hundreds of online e-books have been distributed.

For every free copy of the moisture control guide – by e-mail or by post – is giving DRYTECH a potentially new lead.

DRYTECH is very successful in removing moisture from private home’s basements and over the last three years DRYTECH has helped more than 800 homeowners and removed the moisture problems. With the new storytelling and marketing DRYTECH has achieved awareness and recognition among even more homeowners, and the company is growing rapidly.

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