Clear communication with customers

Although the messages are not positive, it pays to have good communication and dialogue with its customers. Speed ​​of construction, labor shortages and a global supply crisis mean that many craftsmen must postpone tasks, say no to the tasks or raise prices. This can be done without damaging the good relationship with the customers. The recipe is clear communication.

In the December magazine Industri & Installation, TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne focuses on how to succeed in maintaining the good customer relation during the busy and challenging period that many installers live in continuation of the pandemic.

In the article, our director, Susanne Grønbech, passes on our best advice on good customer communication to the craftsmen.

Although the message is annoying, communication does not have to be

Do you have to postpone a deadline yourself, say no to a task or tell about significant price increases on a piece of work? Then we have three good tips on how to handle the situation:

Align expectations with customers

  • Set realistic schedules and prepare customers for price increases.
  • As soon as you notice delays or price increases, you should address the affected customers directly and talk about the problem and suggest a realistic solution.
  • Tell customers what you are doing to alleviate the discomfort but promise no more than you can keep.

Be available and have an ongoing dialogue with your customers

  • Be available – get a phone call so customers can notify a person when you are busy.
  • Build trust by telling customers what to expect – before, during and after a job.
  • It is easier to achieve understanding when you know each other and have sympathy and trust in each other. Trust is something you can build for your customers, even during periods when you are not challenged by manpower and material scarcity. Simply by being available and having a good dialogue.

Show customers on to another if you have to say no

  • It is no shame to say no to tasks that you do not have time to solve.
  • Examine whether the task can be postponed to later.
  • If postponement is not possible, you can calmly show your customers on to a colleague you trust yourself. It strengthens your own relationships when you help customers with solutions.

Read the whole article about good customer relations in Industry & Installation (DK).

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