Visible on social media

What in the world are we going to do with our social media? Who updates our website? These are questions which Dansk Erhversvsoptik’s Head of Office, Nana Lannik, is not asking herself anymore. Why? Because now she’s working with Grønbech PR and communications.

“Grønbech helps us with continuous storytelling and updating our website and social media. They’re good sparring partners and can work almost independently, so we always feel safe when leaving our communication tasks in their hands.” says Nana Lannik.

For decades, Dansk Erhvervsoptik have helped companies accommodate their employees’ need for occupational lenses or safety glasses. Dansk Erhvervsoptik ensure that the companies comply with all laws and regulations concerning the work environment. The association’s dealer network with 450 opticians also ensures that the customers always get quality glasses for a great and fixed price.

Storytelling online and on social media

Grønbech helps Dansk Erhvervsoptik with creating and preparing news and stories for Dansk Erhvervsoptik’s Facebook-, LinkedIn- and website. A task which before has been underprioritized because Dansk Erhvervsoptik haven’t had the resources to undertake the tasks themselves. They are therefore happy to be working with Grønbech:

“We think it best to do what you are good at. We are great at securing our members Denmark’s best occupational lenses, but perhaps not so great at storytelling or communication. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with Grønbech,” Nana Lannik says.

Good communication shines through

After some less fortunate experiences with other communications agencies, Dansk Erhvervsoptik chose to give it another try with Grønbech. A decision that Nana Lannik is very pleased with.

“It is evident that Grønbech is a mature company with vast experience in storytelling and communication. They always come up with great ideas and are not afraid to speak their mind. When Grønbech is put on a task, I know we are in good hands. We can just relax and not worry whether we are doing the right thing,” she says.

More activity on web and social media

The great cooperation between Dansk Erhvervsoptik and Grønbech has, according to Nana Lannik, also resulted in increased activity both on Dansk Erhvervsoptik’s social media pages and on the association’s website.

Therefor Nana has no doubt whether she would recommend Grønbech to other companies. She says:

“I would surely recommend Grønbech to others which I actually already have done. Our cooperation with them is immensely helpful for us, and we are happy for all the attention our stories are getting.”

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