Branding associations

Website news, social media, newsletters, event marketing, local PR and members’ service generate visibility for the association Dragør Erhverv among existing and new members.

Dragør Erhverv was established back in 2012, and since 2014 Grønbech has been responsible for the association’s marketing and member communication.

We are responsible for onboarding new members, promoting events and we help boards of directors make the association attractive and visible for the local business community in Dragør.

The chairman at Dragør, Erhverv Rasmus Gundelund Nielsen, admires Grønbech’s support. Through targeted communication the association reaches out to both existing and new members:

“Grønbech knows how to communicate to our different and broad crowd of members, and the communication ensures, that we reach out with our messages in a professional way across different channels,” said Rasmus Gundelund Nielsen. He continues:

“Grønbech is a trusted partner who has become a major part of the DNA of our association. We are incredibly excited about the value the communication creates.”

Member communication maintains and attracts new members to the association

According to Rasmus Gundelund Nielsen, the communication helps to retain and attract new members to Dragør Erhverv:

“The member communication has made us more visible. We also appear more competent and professional to existing and new members,” he said, and adds:

“At the same time, we have gained a stronger online presence. Our website has been upgraded and updated to present functions. In particular, the newsletter is and strong and effective channel to reach our members.”

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