Sponsor strategy for Nyvang

In early 2016 The Co-operative Village Nyvang, which is a historic event center, asked for Grønbech’s assistance in developing a new sponsor strategy. In addition Nyvang wants to raise awareness and strengthen relations and cooperation with both existing and new sponsors.

In short Grønbech developed a strategy in three parts:

• Local and regional sponsors will be offered local branding and participation in a professionally facilitated business network.

• Specific craft sponsors, who can identify with the one of the old crafts and guilds in Nyvang. The craft sponsorship enables sponsors to support the exact craft, that they themselves represent.

• Partnerships with large companies and organizations, who are founded on the Danish cooperative movement.

Grønbech also made content and designs for all materials intended for new and potential sponsors.

Nyvang has a thorough and carefully thought-out sponsor strategy. The targeting and management of sponsors now works efficiently on a professional level. The concept will be fully implemented during 2016. Grønbech will continue to provide counselling and adjustments.

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