Product PR produces new customers

PR and product sheets make it easier for e-supplies to get in touch with new leads.

“We are very pleased with our cooperation with Grønbech and are very pleased with our new product sheet and a very successful PR campaign for our new Optional Platform,” says CSO Jan Grubak from e-supplies.

In cooperation with Grønbech, the digital development house e-supplies uses PR to create attention and brand awareness and open doors for their new IT service “Tilvalgsplatformen”, which is a tool for housing associations, cooperative and owner associations that rebuild, build or build their residential properties.

Product sheet for architects, engineers and builders

Grønbech has designed the IT service’s product sheet, addressed to architects, engineers and builders. The product sheet explains how the new digital service makes it easier for residents to make free choice while improving the construction project management.

PR creates attention

In addition, we have run a PR activity leading to marketing of the service and awareness of e-supplies in several relevant trade journals and news medias.

“The PR activity creates attention and awareness among architects, engineers and builders for whom we are offered to do service presentations. At the same time, we as company receive are exposed in a manner that benefits our sales,” says Jan Grubak.

Customer’s calls and proud employees

PR about the new IT service has given more unsolicited inquiries, says Jan Grubak. He is also very pleased with invitations to speak at conferences after the service and e-supplies have been given positive media coverage.

Aside from the fact that e-supplies have become more relevant and attractive for new customer leads, the media exposure also affected the company spirit:

“We have gained awareness and have become known as a supplier in new industries. Places in which we were not top of mind before. It also means something of a difference for our developers. It creates a higher self-esteem and pride to be recognized publicly,” says Jan Grubak.

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